The BreakUp Roomies

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I started living at Sarjapur Road, in a Nestaway home. Being one of the early customers in 2015, we got a brand new home. I along with 4 new strangers started to live together and bond slowly.

I had a very serious breakup and was left devastated. So I mostly kept to myself and was sad and lost.
The sixth guy and my new roommate joined a few days later. He was almost 12 years older and in the late 30s, working in big MNC at a high position. Being senior to us, he too kept a low profile and interacted less.

One day, after boozing at a pub when I was back home late at night and almost broke down inside the room, my room partner woke up and consoled me. He also told me his breakup story.

Next morning, we had discovered a new bond despite the age gap, difference in lifestyle and work.
Soon we were sharing booze together, making food and bitching about how insensitive people can be in relationships.

We shared videos with each other. While I made him watch Game of Thrones and other awesome TV series, he made me watch videos on spirituality and shared awesome books to read.

And in this manner, I discovered a different kind of a friend, big brother and a counsellor in my roommate.

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