Tales of the Nawabs

NESTIVITIES: This is how Nesties get together, relax and have fun.

Every month we have around 1000 new Nesties joining us in every city from different places with varied cultures & beliefs. This meetup on 15th October 2016 was an effort to get together with such people and overcome the initial hiccup of making friends with new people. It was the first initiative for Nesties in Hyderabad and a pleasant surprise for all of us.

We kick started the event with around 50 Nesties by 7 pm at AirLive Lounge in Jubilee Hills. One thing led to another and we ended up with amazing anecdotes from Nesties revolving around late night cravings, adventurous encounters with the cops, debates on best Biriyanis in town, being locked out of home, etc.

What started as a few icebreakers, ended in a full-fledged party with friends. There were no strangers in the room anymore. We parted ways after a couple of games and some more of our stories. At the end of the evening, we were neither strangers to the city nor to each other.

It was fun and we hope to keep meeting such amazing Nesties regularly at different Nestivities.

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