Stepping Stones to Success

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I have faced various situations since childhood when I didn’t know which interest to pursue and how to. I was always on the lookout for a career in the creative field. Since I didn’t have an idea as to how to begin, my first stepping stones were working on my English and I joined 3 different Spoken English courses. Tutored in one of the classes but I found my being on my 4th attempt, the place where I learned both about LIFE and LOVE. I started delivering motivational speeches and that brought me closer to LIFE and LIFE showed me, LOVE.

Post this I started learning from different things and experiences, searched for love in every aspect of my life. Life started giving me tough situations one at a time but I faced every situation gutsily. While each success cheered me up, every failure taught me a good lesson. That’s when I realised you never stop learning. It is human tendency to go after different paths in the search of new things but while we do that, we forget to find ourselves and stop learning.

My message is, live your life to the fullest. Be brave and find your path.

PS: Proud to be in NestAway, actually found you 1 year back but I took my time to confirm with my surroundings. NestAway became one of the stepping stones for my success, I hope this continues.

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