Out of Comfort Zone

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The shift from North to a not so typical south Indian state has been quite adventurous. Being from a boarding school, I was exposed to people from all over the globe since childhood. I always knew how to adjust and cooperate with people but at the same in my out-of-home experience of the past 10 yrs, I’ve always met people from the north with very similar tastes. Here in Bangalore, for the 1st time ever in my life, I am living in a house with as much diversity as you can possibly imagine. a Konkani, a Malayali, a Bengali, a Muslim and a typical north Indian baniya(me). We haven’t really started living together for now since everybody hasn’t moved in yet but I am sure it’ll be an experience for a lifetime and I am really hoping to enjoy it. All of us have a few similarities but overall we are more different than alike. It is a lot to digest in once considering the fact that I am in my 1st job after an amazing student life. This is completely out of my comfort zone but I am more than willing to embrace this with open arms and a much needed open mind. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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