Nesties Warzone v.2

NESTIVITIES: This is how Nesties get together, relax and have fun.

The spin-off of last year’s Warzone spread across 4 cities this time. While Bangalore saw few old and plenty of new faces for the event, we hosted the Warzone for the first time in Noida, Gurgaon and Hyderabad hosted.Like last time, we had passionate FIFA enthusiasts get together to give each other a tough fight for a win. The matches that started at 8 PM at almost all the locations, went on till late in the night and we had our winners.

We had Vedik (Bangalore), Suraj (Gurgaon), Vishal (Hyderabad) and Nikhil (Noida) facing a tough challenge from Nishant (Bangalore), Ankit (Gurgaon), Yugantar (Hyderabad) and Veerendra (Noida) to clinch the winning spot.

With a promise to include more games for tournaments, we sign off Warzone’s second chapter. Hopefully, we meet in new cities with new people and continue to make more friends.

Here’s a glimpse of Warzone that was held last year: NestAway Warzone

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