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NESTIVITIES: This is how Nesties get together, relax and have fun.


As exciting as it could get!

When 10 people gathered to play Box Cricket at Pretty Sports Drift under the looming clouds, little did anyone expect that we would end up playing in the rain.

By the time we had enough players to form 3 teams, we started without much ado. The Fantastic Fives was being led by Sanjita, Gully Cricketers by Saniya and The Incredibles by Madhusmita. The first match started with Gully Cricketers winning the toss and deciding to field first. After a good chase, the Gully cricketers won the match by 11 runs.

The following match was between the Fantastic Five and The Incredibles. The Incredibles won it by 1 run. The excitement growing with every match that was played. By the time we were done with the second match, the clouds had started to threaten. With a heavily overcast sky, we decided to proceed with the last match of the day. Dismantling and merging teams so that we could play for a longer duration

The match started with more players in each team. A thrilling 43 runs made by the Gully Cricketers was now waiting for a befitting match by The Incredibles and boy! The match was a thriller. The teams tied at the last ball and the winner could now be decided by a tiebreaker and a bowl out match it was.

5 bowlers from each side got a chance to hit the wickets AND it had started to rain by this time. Both the sides pulled up their socks and got ready for the match. All five chances and neither teams could hit it. A repeat bowl out was called for, first deliveries from each team; no hits. The next delivery from Incredibles and A HIT. Gully cricketers couldn’t make it so the win was clinched by The Incredibles.

By the end of it, all of us were beaming with joy because of all the fun and excitement, tired too but no complaints. The first activity by the Nesties Sports Club, brilliant sportsmanship and hopefully we get to experience more such games in the future.

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