Nesties Got Talent

NESTIVITIES: This is how Nesties get together, relax and have fun.

Doctors, engineers, bankers, HRs we have all of them onboard and everyone comes with their USPs. They aren’t all the same; we have guitarists who can code, photographers who are doctors, painters par excellence, bankers who can dance like professionals, singers and poets, fitness experts, super chefs and sports enthusiasts.

We have had the pleasure of listening to a song someone posted in the past or a photograph that was shared. But little did we know how we would be floored when all the talented people started sharing their work one after the other. The songs came pouring in, we had dancers sharing videos of their performance, we have a speed painter on board, and photography skills of Nesties who shared their work were beyond our expectation. The sketches and paintings, Dubsmash videos (it takes a whole lot of talent to be able to act!), art and craft shares, poems and stories, bands, drummers and extraordinary beatboxers left us wanting for more.

What started with an innocent expectation of decent work soon transformed into this hungry audience wanting more of the photos and videos. This short but enriching experience has been humbling and leaves us in wonder as to how much could be achieved when we let our talent out on the right platform and before the best audience that there can be.

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