Nestie Trails: Sultan Trail

NESTIVITIES: This is how Nesties get together, relax and have fun.

There can be nothing exciting about a 2:30 pm outing on Sunday EXCEPT for a bunch of crazy people who would travel half the distance through the city to meet complete strangers for a cycling trail.

The first event of the Nestie Trails Club was flagged off by the Sultan Trail which started at the popular VV Puram Food Street.

The Food Street has become a popular spot for those poor souls who crave for some good street food every minute of the day albeit it’s a vegetarian place. If you haven’t been there yet, GO NOW!

The group met at VV Puram and was divided into 2 subgroups. One part of the trail involved a walk inside Lal Bagh. We had an experienced curator Usha who took is through the sprawling garden and told us about Bangalore’s origin and the rich history. While we walked through the place we got to know about the huge variety of trees that the garden boasts of. Some of which have been planted by emperors both Indian and otherwise. Loads of information on walking trees, buttercup leaves, figs, barks and time.

The second part of the trail was a cycling trail from VV Puram to Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace to the now diminishing nurseries in Jayanagar where at one time there were 200 nurseries. The 8km cycling trail didn’t just take us closer to the century-old history of the Summer Palace but also took us brought us closer to a game of marbles and Pittu (Seven Stones) when we cycled through the tiny bylanes back to our meeting spot.

4 hours (very tiring but exciting hours) of a tryst with the heritage of the Cosmopolitan City, Bengaluru.

Here’s what happened at the Nesties Sports Club’s inaugural match: Nesties Sports Club 

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