Being Average is Normal

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I am Swati Bucha from New Delhi. I have recently shifted to Bengaluru. I was born in the most royal state of India, Rajasthan; was brought up in Siliguri, West Bengal and in the later years of my childhood we shifted to the National Capital, Delhi. I was in 2nd standard when we shifted to Delhi. I did my schooling just like an average student. I did my graduation just like an average student. I did my Masters and cleared it with average marks. But, even after being such an average student, I am a proud Amazonian today. I would like to tell you guys that it’s been just 4 years since I took up my first job and in these 4 years I have grown, evolved and learnt a lot. There’s a time when I had flunked enormously. There was a time I had let myself be degraded and disrespected by people who didn’t even know me. But, as they say, whatever happens, happens for a reason.

I have learnt one thing in life; no one can pull you out of depression until and unless you want to do so yourself. I have family, friends and everyone around me but it was me who pulled myself out of the depression I had faced because of not being able to know my worth. I promised myself to chase my dreams of becoming a successful woman and I think I have actually reached that phase of my life when I can say, Yes I’m successful; not because I’m earning well or leading a luxurious life, but because I’m happy and I’m doing what I actually wanted to do in my life. I am a proud daughter to wonderful parents, a sister to two beautiful lovely sisters and a friend to my besties.

I would like to say that don’t demean anyone ever, don’t think that if a person is quiet then, he/she doesn’t know how to speak. Every average person has an inherent talent and the day they discover that talent within themselves; there’s nothing left to turn back. I am a proud average student who has achieved everything just because of my belief and my parents’ constant support and blessing. I would like to say that you yourself have all the power within you, just take a moment and think and unleash that. Everyone is different in their own way, just find that difference and the world will be yours. Even after staying in Delhi; the most hip city of the country, I had never imagined that I’ll ever be able to reach where I am today and live all alone in a completely new city. I’m now in Bengaluru. Living my dreams… I’m happy to be outnumbered,  for I believe eagles fly alone… People will say what they have to just plug in your earphones and move on. Just focus on your target and everything else will be managed on its own.

Hope my story helps all those who have ever suffered from depression and those who feel they’re just average people. Average people might struggle a bit more but the fruits of hard work are always sweet.

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