Strangers turned angels

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I came here to Bangalore all alone from Delhi, knowing that I have no friend or family in Bangalore after a lot of stress and all the fights with family to follow my own desires and career. Also, few other personal issues, I was dragged into. Yes! may be because of my own mistakes. But who doesn’t make any?
Few things in life just break you into pieces but unexpectedly NestAway helped me finding new friends here in Bangalore.

My Nesties Arti, Divya, and Ankita helped me come out of the emotional trauma, I was in. They made me laugh, listened to me, saw me crying but still stood by me. They did everything they could do to make me smile, cooking for each other, cracking jokes, we even had our own way to convey words to each other. Isn’t it great? In a short span of time, we just loved each other and became a little family. But unfortunately, now I am going back to my place taking all these memories with me, which I can never forget. These girls gave me my smile back. It’s all about moving forward, I believe!

I thank everyone who supported me throughout, my friends (Nesties), colleagues and last but not the least NestAway.

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