Momma Tales!

NESTIVITIES: This is how Nesties get together, relax and have fun.


There are a million things that we leave behind us when we chase our dreams, some of them eventually find their way back to us in the form of their material doppelgangers but there’s much of it that never finds a replacement. Memories top the list here.

This Mother’s Day we asked Nesties to share something with us that reminded them of their mums and we had an instant flood of posts leaving the rest of us nostalgic.

We had people talking about how they still need help with recipes while cooking and how they take an instant coaching session from their mums, how they have overcome their handicap in languages when their mums came to the rescue. Reminiscing the vivid memories of childhood and the strong imprint that a mother’s love and care leaves in our lives, there were songs, poems and pictures flowing in that would have tickled a part of you to pick up the phone and tell your mum how you missed her.

At times, great experiences leave you satisfied and wanting for more. This was one such example.

When you leave a family behind, the least you expect is finding another to fill the gap temporarily and a lot of Nesties have found theirs.

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