For Pune, by Punekars!

NESTIES.ORG: These events are shout outs to all those who can join hands and work together to make our cities better.

Why West Pune? Let’s choose some place in the East. The debate on the spot to be fixed looked like it would not end. That’s when the team of Swachh Pune Swachh Bharat came to our rescue. Within a span of 2 days, the spot was identified, the authorities reached out to and the message conveyed.

Several similar teams (Improve My City, Let’s Rise, BHUMI) caught up with us for the initiative, where our single point agenda was to give the underpass of Bhumkar Chowk the much-needed face lift. The event started when 10 volunteers gathered at the spot at 7:30 AM and began the basic cleaning of the walls and pillars. By 8:30, the number of volunteers had surpassed 75 and work was completed in a jiffy. It took us less than 3 hours.

While 2 of us stood guard at both the entrances of the underpass to control the inflow of traffic under the supervision of the closest traffic police personnel, the rest concentrated on painting the walls. What made it even more exciting was

  1. People witnessing us at work, going back home and joining us shortly after.
  2. People reporting to the event immediately after the ongoing TCS Fit4Life Fitness Challenge.
  3. We had 4 wonderful super-kids Vedant, Param, Mahi & Garima who helped in painting and drawing
  4. Spectators from around the place walking up to witness the change and encouraging the effort made
  5. When the traffic slowed down, people stopped to cheer with hoots and thumbs-ups. By 10 we were fighting against the increasing traffic but we ended up finishing the job without getting killed and with a lot of satisfaction.

Until next time, keep rocking Pune!

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