Breakfast Fix

NESTIES.ORG: These events are shout outs to all those who can join hands and work together to make our cities better.

We move to a new city with a lot of hopes and dreams, some of which are fulfilled over the due course of our stay in the cities. These breakfast fixes are a humble attempt to give back to our cities. This is a chance to portray bachelors as the rightful solution to problems faced by the cities today. One of the first of these attempts towards a better society and social living.

On the 2nd April’17, we had a simultaneous Breakfast for all the city chapters. The scorching heat on a Sunday morning did not deter the inspired Nesties to step out of the comforts of a cosy Sunday morning and participate in this Fix in an attempt to make their city better.

The selected spots were the Hadapsar Gadital (Pune), Service Road near Marathalli Bridge (Bangalore), NIFT Bus Stop in Madhapur (Hyderabad) and a stretch near the Noida City Centre Mall (Noida). Where Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad saw close to 50 volunteers joining the event, Noida had 70 good samaritans participating for the same. Out of the total, close to 80 Nesties participated in the events across these cities. The activity started at 7 am in the morning the spots were covered and taken care of by 11am.

Our partnership with the groups we started working with when we started the initial Swachh chapters has only grown stronger. This event wouldn’t have been possible without Let’s Be The Change (Bangalore), Swachh Pune Swachh Bharat (Pune), We Mean to Clean (Delhi-NCR), Nava Sevak and Swachh Bharat App (Hyderabad). We hope we keep doing even more brilliant stuff with our alliance in the future.

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