Beautifying Hyderabad

NESTIES.ORG: These events are shout outs to all those who can join hands and work together to make our cities better.

The first step of a new initiative is always a challenge, the sense of surety takes its own sweet time to set in. When a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers gathered at the RTA Bus Stop at Khairtabad on the morning of 13th November 2016, nobody knew what would come out of it and if the ambitious stretch could be fixed with the handful of people present at the spot for Swachh Hyderabad Mission.

By 9 am we had around 45 volunteers present for the event. You aren’t sure if what you think is working has struck the right chord with others until someone ratifies it and that’s exactly what happened. On the said date, we had 3 ad hoc participants at the venue: Rahul, Meghna and Geeta. Rahul had got down from a bus back home when he saw what was happening and nosedived in. Similarly, Meghna and Geeta were waiting for a bus when they saw the activity and pitched in. Young Chinmayee participated along with her parents. Serendipity or what?

The team we worked with goes by the name “Nava Sevak” who celebrated 2 years of their formation after the event reached completion. The city of Nawabs is relatively new to the idea of spot fixes but the zealous Hyderabadis don’t know how to quit. For sure!

More power to you Hyderabad.
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