About Us

Who is a Nestie?

A Nestie to you is a friend you made out of a stranger that you met in a new city. They are the people who you might be partying with tonight and sharing that paint bucket during the spotfix tomorrow.


Friends. Wherever you go where there is a Nest you will find a Nestie to befriend. All your scepticism around moving to a new city will be answered when you are a part of this well networked bunch of multifaceted youngsters. You have more than 25000 individuals across cities who can help you befriend the new city that you just moved in to. You get a rich experience when you mingle with people from different cultures and with varied professional exposure. You find your new confidante, a new binge-watching partner, your hungry tummy’s ultimate saviour and your partner in making your city better.

Experience the joy of living together.